BluePrint of Change

Our Belief

We believe that science education India has lost the ‘fun’ element and students are not as engaged as they should be. We'd like the children to ‘discover’ science in a hands-on manner and also be able to appreciate the usage of science around the students on a daily basis. The existing labs, we believe, are completely out-dated (there has been no significant change in them in the last 50 years) and we think that science as it is taught and the real life applications are completely anachronistic.

Our Program

Following the commandments set out by Dr. Multipus, we created DiscoverED. The curriculum is based on a guided-inquiry approach and promotes the use of scientific principles, processes and evidence in collaborative decision-making. These experiences allow children to relate what they learn at school (curriculum) to real-life applications.

DiscoverEd plays it’s part in the much neglected STEM education in the country. DiscoverEd offers fun science activities for kids that helps them understand the real life implication and usage of the concepts. Our science experiments for kids are mapped to the national curriculum.

Pillars of

DiscoverED program has been created on five strong fundamentals to provide a unique experience to students of science


Relate science to their outside world, by presenting real life problems!


Engage them in the way they like, by introducing elements of game play!

Role Play

Develop them into real scientists, through the use of role play!

Thinking Framework

Show them how to reason well, using the claim-evidence-reasoning framework!

Process Skills

Focus on the process of science, by dissolving notions of any 'right' answer!

Our Mission

To touch as many young lives as possible, in an attempt to help students experience this renewed approach to learning of science. If you'd like to know more about the program, get in touch, or get to know more about us.