Rube Goldberg Expo: JM International School, Delhi

 Rube Goldberg Expo: JM International School, Delhi

DiscoverEd organized a Rube Goldberg Expo at JM International School, DelhiIMG-20160801-WA0035. The showcase included displays of 46 Rube Goldberg Machines made by students of grade 6,7 and 8. A Rube Goldberg Machine is a contraption, invention, device, or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion, generally including a chain reaction.

The Expo endeavoured to promote scientific attitude among budding young stude nts and presented theStudents with a great opportunity to showcase their talent IMG-20160801-WA0000bringing out their creative and critical thinking quotient.

The principal of JM International Ms. Anuradha Govind said, ”I am astonished to see the excitement levels of each and every child.  Not just a IMG-20160801-WA0042bunch of kids or few groups which participated, but every child did. That’s why I can proudly say that this event is a 100% success for all of us.”

The Chief guest of the Science Festival, Dr. Avatar Singh Gill, an Educationist and IMG-20160801-WA0023Mathematician, was so fascinated that he made sure, he saw all the 46  Rube Goldberg Machines displayed in the Science Fair. The Project Expo, provided the Students of JM international, a platform to create something new and learn science in a fun and exciting way. It challenged their creativity, helped them to embrace failures and spread the wave of Inspiration.

They IMG-20160801-WA0014went through varied emotions right from excitement, anticipation, curiosity to frustration, anger, and hopefulness. It was an amazing experience for the Children, Teachers, and DiscoverEd Team!!

The parents were elated to see their children’s work. Their feedback was amazing. Their feedback highlighted the deep understanding of the concepts which children showcased while explaining these colourful and fun machines. This alone explains a crucial outcome of the programme “Learning Science can be Fun”.

Few responses of the parents after seeing some the Rube Goldberg Machines:

  • “I learned entirely a different way to staple the paper, very funny.”
  • “I find it amazing how the children have made this project by themselves, Precious.”
  • “Good use of kinetic energy, momentum and Force”
  • “Very well thought of, interesting technique and perfectly executed”

The DiscoverEd associates, Mudhasir Bhat and Sarbjeet Singh, were really proud of what the children showcased. They were there to guide and mentor them throughout. Sarbjeet Singh was even emotional, when one of the students came crying to him, touched his feet and said, “You are my Guru, because of your support I am here today”.


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