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 What is Parikrma

Parikrma is a foundation that addresses the growing gap, in urban India, between thoselogo
who benefit from the economic liberalization and the majority who do not.  Their vision is to create a sustainable model, a clear way for under-served children to transform their lives through top-class education and in the process be a catalyst for effecting fundamental change in the way we educate our poor and the marginalized. Currently, Parikrma is spread across four schools in Bangalore.

What DiscoverEd hopes to achieve across Parikrma Schools

Every mind has the potential to be the one that pushes the envelopepari IIi of science. With Parikrma, DiscoverEd hopes to equip a truly wonderful set of kids with a new way to explore science and the world around them.

A vast majority of the students in Parikrma come from a low socio-economic background. Aligning with Parikrma’s vision, DiscoverEd will dedicate their time and resources to equip and hone student’s scientific skills. The program will focus on Grades 6 & 7.

To positively showcasing the benefits of approaching science in a challenge based, hands-on IMG_20151103_104351_HDRenvironment, research will be conducted to map each student’s scientific temperament through the year.

Team DiscoverEd meets Parikrma students

The primary diagnostic test has already been conducted and the analysis is being processed. While at the nascent stage, the interactions so far has been optimistic. Students are very receptive to learning, prompt to analyse, question and eager to create.pari 1  “We are going be Scientists! Hooray!” many excited grade 6 students exclaimed after their interaction with the DiscoverEd facilitators.The environment at Parikrma is very encouraging. Every class is uniquely names after celestial bodies- stars, planets, and asteroids- something that automatically creates an electric curiosity of their surrounding (unlimited to the boundaries of the observable universe).

When asked to observe a scientific phenomenon, students are rapt andIMG_20151103_122834_HDR determined to solve it. One is certain of a beautiful learning curve when a child questions back and factually converse with each other till they reach an explanation that will only appease their curiosity.

Another positive observation, commendable to Parikrma’s effort, is the confidence and lack of inhibitions displayed by all learners, which surpasses same levels of counterparts at other schools. There is no difference between a little asteroid (K2), a blooming Earthling (Grade 3), and a grown up Saturnian (Grade 8) while questioning, interacting and respecting teachers or peers.

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